The Verdict

I have posted before regarding my legal troubles in Albania, where a judge sued former university administrators, including myself, in criminal court, after the university refused to award his son a law degree.

Today I received the kangaroo court’s verdict in the name of the kangaroo republic of Albania.

The “kangaroo” designation is self evident in the included document and deserves no further comment.vendim 1-001

Albanet is now part of Open Multilingual Wordnet

Thanks to the very fine work of Francis Bond, one of the projects I led a couple of years ago at the University of Vlora has found a new home. Browse the to see the Open Multilingual Wordnet in action, now including Albanian.

The Legal Year

2012 has been a year I found myself in the strange position of being sued over software I have built and given away for free, both in Albania and Canada, the two countries I have spent the past 17 years of my life studying, working and living. That’s why, if I were to characterize this year in my life with a name, that name would be: “2012 – The Legal Year.”

I still don’t have a formal notice of the Albanian “trial” decision other than what has been verbally passed onto me (I was waiting for a copy of their decision before the end of the year, that never came). Perhaps in the new year it will come and I will share it, as promised, on this very blog.

In the meantime, I see with sadness my birth country sliding even more deeply into a poor excuse of a state. I spent the most recent 4 years of my life there, trying to help build an institution that would have served as a model for the rest of the country, only to see that institution, the state university of Vlora, destroyed in a short period of time by those running the very state it belongs to.

Leaving that mess behind, as soon as I returned to Canada in March 2012, I was served papers for a different type of legal action against

Oh well.

Goodbye, 2012, the Legal Year of my life.

Let 2013 bring better times.