Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Albania today where she delivered a speech to the parliament on the occasion of 100 years of Albanian National Independence.

One of the most often mentioned words in the speech was the word: “Corruption.” This word even beat the word “God” by a ratio of 2-1.

Other oft used words were: “elections”, “Albania”, “leaders”, “politics”, “democracy.”

The full text of the speech is here.

It is also interesting to note that this word is absent from all the other pronouncements of Secretary Clinton in the other balkan nations she visited in the last two days (Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia).

On the other hand there was no mention of the failure to bring to justice the “guards” of the prime minister who shot to death 4 unarmed “anti-corruption” protesters in the boulevard outside his office in January 2011 (wounding many others as well, including the journalists reporting on that event). After all, Secretary Clinton needed to shake hands with this man after delivering her speech.

Now, that’s what I would call: “diplomacy.”