It is that day of the year again

My birthday is today. I am getting older, that’s true. But then, so are you and everybody else around you.

This birthday, like the ones the previous years right before it, is greatly influenced by technology. Most people would not remember my birthday, because, well, it is not important, not even to me, were it not for the almighty facebook. By the way, did you notice how the facebook stock went up today too? Coincidence?

And there were not only various people that remembered my birthday, mind you.

My bank sent me an automated email today with some free offers – thank you, my cell phone company is not charging me today for calls and sms’s I make, sent me a list of books I might have considered buying at some point at 50% off, today only!

Isn’t it great that I, like most people, have a birthday? Today?

Thanks to all and everyone for the well meaning wishes and gifts. Each and every one of them has a certain significance to me.

Until this time next year, happy birthdays to you all too! Whenever that is.