The Tech love boat

The race to escape national jurisdictions for “virtual” tech companies has reached a new level with the launch of the offshore tech center, “blueseed”, which aims to literally create an offshore tech hub, on a boat.

Right now when you can create and effectively run a company anywhere, why abide by the restrictions and regulations of any particular country?

Your physical location has little or nothing to do with the ability to provide the contracted services. In that respect this is an innitiative to watch.

Here is the full scoop:

Blueseed is a Silicon Valley company that plans on launching a cruise ship 30 minutes from the coast of California,housing startup entrepreneurs from around the world. These startuppers won’t need to bother with US visas, because the ship will be in international waters. They’ll have to pay tax to whatever country they’re incorporated in, though. So far, 146 startups said they’d like to come to the ship.”