you have not made it until you get censored

I was reading the news of the day, and two pieces caught my attention.

1. The piratebay’s traffic doubles after a court in the UK orders ISPs to block it.

2. An article in Linux Format magazine which dealt with hacking has led to the magazine itself to be pulled off the shelves of Barnes and Noble Bookstores in the USA. The end result? Linux Format magazine (not just the article in question) has received unprecedented interest and possibly new readership they would not otherwise have received on the aforementioned article alone.

I am only left to wander, which of those actions advanced the public interest more, the action of the establishment to censor something, or the news of the action of the establishment to censor something?

If I don’t simply view this as a cause and effect, I am leaning more towards the second.

Update: I saw this on imgur today: