Hello all!

Finally.. some free time to reflect on some professional interests. The days at the mad place called Albania are over.

I could not take it any longer as there is nothing more annoying than the sound of an empty head. Imagine scores of them, mobs of empty heads. A piece of that history is written here univlora.net. That is that. The history of working in a country run by idiots at every single level.

Now, on to more interesting things.

As a freelancer living in Ottawa I am involved in a number of interesting projects, such as foodpages.ca, geocoder.ca, geolytica.com, etc

There seems to have been a lot of movement in the location based services field since the last time I had a good look at it. Check this page for a cms that myself and Rezart Muco built.

Pretty soon we will have an alpha version in the likes of sakai or moodle to share with the world. What is different from the previously mentioned learning content management systems ( LCM) is that we enable every user to program the system – the part of it that is assigned to that user. Exciting stuff.

Enough for now.